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Sielox Class
Crisis Lockdown Alert Status System

Sielox Class is a cost-effective, easily deployed, daily incident and crisis management solution using existing devices and networks. Only Sielox Class reduces notification time to responders using chat and e-mail alerts, and provides instant visibility using dynamic floor plan maps.

The system provides an event monitor in real time as well as an audit trail after an incident or crisis.

The conditions are completely configurable based on facility procedures. For example: 

  • Green - safe/secure

  • Yellow - unaccounted individual

  • Blue - medical emergency

  • Orange - disturbance

  • Red - crisis condition

Sielox Class is browser based and accessible from anywhere, anytime using a Desktop, Tablet or Mobile Device over WAN, LAN, WIFI and High-speed Cell Networks (3G/4G/LTE).

Recipient of several awards including Security Products Magazine 2013 New Product of the Year and Security Products Govies 2015 Government Security Awards.  

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